Monday, January 29, 2007

the environment and assistant

A little more about categories:

Am making good progress with labelling stuff now - I think I'm more than half way through the nine hundred odd posts and some of the category pages are coming together - some are pretty much unpopulated still though. I noticed from my stats that someone, probably Nat, took a look at the environment category this morning, and found only one or two posts there. Should be more than twenty now, as I tried to address that section at lunchtime.

Most of my time has been spent on the posts detailing Assistant, and one thing which comes across very strongly is that fact that over the years we've hosted files for downloading in dozens of different, usually temporary, places - meaning that half of the photo links and pretty much all of the song links in the Assistant archive don't work at all. However, I fixed this last night by finally organising some webspace of my own on which to host files, so in a few days time, once I've uploaded them all and fixed the links in the archive, you should be able to explore the dozens of studio recordings, demos, rehearsal takes and live recordings which I've posted over the last five years. I'll let you know when they're all active, should you be interested, and might re-post some of the best bits.

Sidebar is still, incidentally, short of my list of favourite posts, more than a few links outside, and other bits and bobs. Will get there eventually.

Apologies if all this categorising and restructuring posting is of no interest to anyone but me - doing an overhaul of your possessions (whether they are photographs, journals, songs or plain memories) gives you an opportunity to dig through old thoughts and you invariably find things to talk about as a consequence - even if they are a little self-indulgent. Should be back to normal soon.


Natalia said...

I did click on your environment tag! How spooky!- that you know that!

I'm being watched! :)

Leave a message on my blog, please... so that it looks like someone read it...?


Looking good- the blog.

Anne-So said...

Assistant website will be running soon! Hurray!!