Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ten songs for the sixth of May

1. Ghostface Killah - Jellyfish ("Whether Jen, Don, or Shawn its the same situation...")
2. Band of Horses - Our Swords ("Count on us all stepping on our own toes tonight")
3. Islands - Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby ("the sleek sleek skeleton I hold")
4. Gnarls Barkley - Who Cares? ("nobody wants to be themselves")
5. The Streets - Never Went To Church ("just get on with work and sometimes things'll hurt")
6. Silver Jews - Horseleg Swastika ("every single thought is like a punch in the face")
7. Isolee - Jelly Baby/Fish (*hmm, two songs with 'jelly' in the title, must have my iTunes playing alphabetically by mistake*)
8. Mercury Rev - A Kiss From An Old Flame ("Who knows what black and crazy thoughts swim inside a girlfriend's heart")
9. Pavement - Ann Don't Cry ("there is hardly not a lot to say")
10. Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Raincoat ("New york is cold, but I like where I’m living")

God, I listen to some miserable old music - you'd never guess i'm in a good mood this morning! The Ghostface track is the pick of the bunch, just wonderful. But I had to, er, pick the lyrics out of that one carefully in deference to my more sensitive readers...


Paul G said...

From the few new Ghostface tracks I've heard, Fishscale is a bit good. I still don't think it compares to Daytona 500, though. But not much does.

Great video too.

Oh - and as I write it's 4-2 to Arsenal. You need a goal. And you'll probably get it, deservedly. Maybe we'll be lucky...

Paul G said...

OK - I posted the wrong link there. Here is the video.

Weirdly, exactly as I'm writing Spurs have gone 2-1 down. Maybe our luck is in.