Monday, May 15, 2006

my lastfm page

While sorting through a few of the links in my sidebar earlier today, it suddenly came to my attention that I've neglected to point to one of the few other places online where I can be found - my lastfm page, which feeds into iTunes on my computer and catalogues what I listen to each week. It's a fairly simple yet interesting tool, although not the most consistent method of tracking what I listen to, as my computer is only one method I use of listening to music.

My iPod supposedly should feed into lastfm, but it rarely seems to do so - for example, I spent most of last week with the new Ghostface Killah album blasting out of my headphones, but that doesn't look like it's been successfully noted. Anyway. Click here to see what I listen to on my computer, and gasp in amazement when you see who comes top in the all-times listened-to stakes...

This week's chart
1. The Blue Aeroplanes (25 listens)
2. The Futureheads (18)
3. Giant Drag (17)
4. The Go-Betweens (14)
5. Islands (14)
6. Mulatu Astaqé (13)
7. Dhaffer Youssef (13)
8. Steely Dan (12)
9. The Lemonheads (12)
10. Assistant (7)

One drawback of Lastfm, as you'll see, is that they automatically categorise my band, Assistant, as The Assistant, assuming we're the same band. They're a U.S lot. We're not.

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Bloggers4Labour said...

That's funny, I was looking at their web tools today, as once or twice in the past I've tried to include one of their auto-generated lists on a site, and each time they've stopped working for some reason, or the "top albums" data has been too wacky to be true.

Nonetheless it does claim to have recorded 12,139 tracks I've played.