Saturday, May 06, 2006

Montreal At Night

So, while I was away in Montreal last week I did a really stupid thing. Over the course of the first four days or so I took a fair few pictures out and about in the city, but most were compromised by bad light and the endless rain. By the time the week was coming to a close and I was about to return, however, the weather suddenly turned and I had 10 hours or so of clear weather to make good on my plans to return with some decent photographs. So, sitting in my hotel room on my final morning, I turned on my digital camera, deleted the rainy, grey city from my sim card, and went back out into the sun.

My next action, naturally, was to find somewhere nice to have lunch and a beer, but - that done - I walked along by the river, my feet dry for the first time in the week, the puddles finally having evaporated or drained,and turned on my camera.

Or rather, I pressed the on button. And discovered, of course, that the battery was flat. Ha ha. So I have little to share, unfortunately, but will try to post a few pictures over the next few days. This, to get us started, is the view from my hotel room at night (click to enlarge).

It's good to have it confirmed that the pair of big red lips I kept seeing out of the corner of my eye was real and not, in fact, a figment of my feverish imagination.

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Kate said...

Great photo! What a pretty sky.