Saturday, May 06, 2006

lost blogging part two

I'm watching the first three episodes of Lost and blogging the experience. Yeah, yeah, I know. Scroll down for earlier installments.

It's now 11.10.

OK, so the first episode has finished now. It did that annoying Lost thing of getting me intrigued in the last ten minutes, which means I have to stick with my plan of watching the next episode. They just pulled the old, tuggy-heartstrings moment of magic type stuff which irritatingly always works. Within minutes of Jack's patient getting the feeling back in her legs I was sighing and clucking like the broody friend of a new mother. And, yup, I was right. 'Desmond' was down the hatch, a moment of stunning foresight on my part which earns me, I think, another sizeable glass of wine. I've opened another bottle. Stay with me, friends.

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