Tuesday, November 08, 2005

love on the web

I do like monitoring the google searches by which people get to this blog - most popular by far at the moment is people looking for a certain female micro-celebrity (and host of Top Of The Pops) without any clothes on. I'm not sure why my blog features highly in this respect, as - sadly - I have no knowledge of the existence of any such photographs. Ah well - it could be worse: Tim's just disovered that he's google's no. 1 hit for 'nobly porno'. Blimey.

Anyway, one google search catches my attention this morning as being rather sweet. I particularly like it when people type questions into google, as if it is not so much a search engine as a genial expert - rather like Stephen Fry - who might be able to help. Today's go was 'Does Alex from Arctic Monkeys have a girlfriend?'. On behalf of the young person who penned that query, I can't offer an answer, but I hope that he doesn't, and that you have a chance.

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Dirk said...

i'll just end up sounding sarcastic unintentionally, but that was a sweet sentiment.