Wednesday, November 16, 2005

lost hair

God, I just watched the most boring episode of 'Lost' so far. Actually, it was the most boring hour of TV I've seen in a long time. I do feel sorry, however, for the men, who are forced to grow shaggy sideburns and grey-flecked beards because the women of the island are hogging the razors to keep their underarms and legs hair-free. Surely they could spare the blades for like, an hour? But no. They're in constant usage.


Stephen Newton said...

Oh come on! Lost is so good because it's so bad. Who would wander off into the wilderness even though there's some huge white monster our there that tries to eat people, along with crazed lunatics from some other mishap that kidnap pregnant women and string up has been rock stars. But they do it all the time.

That said, last night wasn't the best. I want to know why the fat guy hasn't had a flashback episode when we're revisiting some of the others.

jonathan said...

No, I like Lost, I think it's good. But you need to be able to engage with the flashbacks, which I'm generally able to do when they don't involve some macho revenge story.

What I ended up doing last night was losing concentration during all the flashbacks and concentrating on the main story. Except the weakness of last night's was that not only was the flashback boring the main story was too? Boar hunting. Hmm.

There have been some really good episodes but last night's wasn't one of them!

That's true about how often they go wandering into the wilderness though, I hadn't really registered that :-)