Friday, November 18, 2005

hush collector

Went to the inaugral gig of Pete's lovely Hush Collector project last night, and really enjoyed it. First gigs are really tricky, especially when your sound is based upon delicacy and balance rather than energy and adrenelin. But the band wisely chose to play in a venue that suited their sound - Hove's dark, warm Sanctuary Cellar, a venue whose low roof and modest size ensured a good, vibey spirit amongst the attendees, amongst whom were myself and the rest of Assistant, Mark, Dan, Michi, Sandra, Chris, Benedict, Keith, and fellow Brighton blogger Abi Rhodes, who beat me to getting a review up.

Having negotiated a support band who sounded like they made incidental music for Richard Curtis films, Hush Collector took to a low stage in the corner of the room and spilled off the edges, giving the pleasant sensation that they were almost stood amongst the crowd at times. Their music is focused and bright, hazy rhythms with warm acoustic guitars and Katie and Poppy's doubled vocals, creating a gentle, country-tinged brand of melancholia. I was expecting them to be ethereal and airy but they weren't at all, the best moments coming when they pushed up the volume and locked into a groove. All the pianos and acoustic guitars might get a bit much for an unreconstructed indie kid like myself but Pete's super guitar playing, which dropped in and out of the mix, was really thrilling at the moments when it would appear unheralded with some new tough, bluesy riff. They were great.

You can visit their deceptively new-agey website here and get a copy of their CD while you're at it!

Momentarily sated with precise musicianship and delicate sophistication, you can see Pete back to form forgetting his guitar parts and hammering out stupid, repetitive indie rock with Assistant at the Cable Club on December 7th, don't forget...


amapola said...

quote - "All the pianos and acoustic guitars"

Hmmm, maybe a few too many bottles of Becks was giving you double vision there Jonathon ! I think you'll find it was one digital piano and one acoustic; but thanks for coming mate, we had a really good night, glad you enjoyed it too.

Abi Rhodes said...

Good review

thanks for the link to my blog

I will reciprocate in kind



garry7 said...

...well, finally gotten to my computer and it's saturday!
...went to the Hush Collector gig thursday night and had a great night! After the impressive opening trio piece band ReMolo, playing a kind of jazzy bluey laid back set came the expectation of Hush Collector's debut gig. Having heard tracks from the cd and this being the debut gig,I was thinking this would be a nervy performance peppered with a load of nervious mistakes. Oh how wrong I was! The stuff they do is a kind of a quiet melancoly affair, that progresses to an intensity add tinged with a country lilt, they balance the vocals of Poppy and Kate over acoustic guitar and said(!)keyboards. With Pete's electric guitar moving around their vocals over the placed bass and drums..they create an ethereal mix that intensifies. A lot of the songs start off quietly and slowly build..and while I thought maybe they'd brought on the best on first..the set progressed really well..can't say I heard one bad track (you know..let's stick this one in to fill out the set!)..all in all glad to have made the trek to the Sanctuary Caff..this stuff has to be played at the right kind of venue and this place suited it..hope you do another! G7