Tuesday, November 08, 2005

the lost doonesburys (reprise)

I hate it when regular bloggers, columnists or cartoonists who I follow are away. Yes, that invariably gives others the opportunity to shine in their absence but i'm far too inflexible to cope with such upheaval, and want my daily fix, goddamnit. Luckily, when Steve Bell or Gary Trudeau are away the Guardian just runs old strips in their abscense, but it's hard not to feel dissapointed. Anyway - the Guardian did a re-run of Zonker getting the sack last week, which was funny the second time and all, but I've just seen the reason why it happened. Mike over at Troubled Diva reveals that there was going to be a week-long Doonesbury look at the controversial US Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers. However, her resignation made that impossible. Happily, the strips are at the Trudeau website so you can still read 'em and - surprise - they're very funny.

OK, not such a surprise then. Here they are.

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