Friday, August 21, 2009

usain bolt

I have to admit that, while I massively admire the achievement, and quite enjoyed watching Usain Bolt romp home when I saw it repeated on the news, I'm really not very interested at all in Athletics. Racing, in all its forms, has never appealed to me (I think the Tour De France is about the only race I could enjoy watching). That said, I've swiftly developed an affection for Mr. Bolt. Particularly on reading his quotes from after last night's demolition of his own 200m record. I like following the progression of his thoughts.

"Not mentally, physically it was harder because I wasn't in the best of shape. The rounds took a lot out of me this time. I just want to go home and sleep. It definitely means a lot because I showed people that last year wasn't a joke. I went through some problems this season but I came out here and I showed the world with hard work and dedication what is possible."

He added: "I definitely came here trying to double. Now I'm double world champion, I'm double Olympic champion so I have to defend my titles. If Queen Elizabeth knighted me would I get the title 'Sir Usain Bolt?' That sounds very nice."

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