Wednesday, August 19, 2009

glenn beck

A question for my American readers:

I may have this wrong, as I'm not exactly a seasoned watcher of US TV, living as I do in the UK, but over the last four or five years I've travelled over to the US a number of times and always tuned in to cable news channels to see how things are presented. It was always my observation, when Glenn Beck presented on CNN headline, that he was generally more careful, less dogmatic and less offensive than his peers on Fox. I even found him reasonably likeable, although I seldom agreed with his politics. Nevertheless, he seemed to be relatively straight-talking, willing to criticise Bush, and while egotistical, a far way from being crazy.

Obviously, since he moved to Fox, he's gone absolutely batshit crazy. So my question is: did I just catch him on a good day on the occasions I tuned in to CNN over the least few years (probably not more than 12-20 times) or has his craziness only really kicked in the last year or so?

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Drew said...

I personally think Beck is great...while sometimes he gets a bit too dramatic, I agree with most of what he says, and he's really the only conservative on TV with the balls to say what most Americans are thinking/feeling...not surprising the socialists here are going after him, he terrifies them...he has better ratings and sells more books than all of the lefties, and it drives them mad!