Friday, August 14, 2009

a song on the shoreline

Funny how after years of living in Brighton, myself and a bunch of friends have started falling in love with the sea all over again. We've mostly been going down there at low tide, admiring the beauty of our horizon, the city's vista, and the fading skeleton of our old Pier. I've been taking photos and writing - the results of which will be posted here shortly. Dan, who is fast developing his movie-making skills, has been shooting video and editing things together. Here, then, is a short film he's made to accompany a song by Hauschka. It captures something still, and beautiful, and fleeting, about our city's shoreline.

Visit Dan's YouTube channel here.

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Anonymous said...

Strange that you posted this today as I've just bigged up da Brighton on my blog - it must be in the air! Posted a pic of the Basket Makers which went down well. I love this funny old place...