Wednesday, April 29, 2009

skinny jeans

I was standing outside The Duke Of Yorks cinema in Brighton with Vic, shortly after watching 'In The Loop', the other day. We stood discussing the film, waiting for Andrew to join us. Dimly, somewhere behind me, I heard the beeping of a horn. I ignored it.

"I really thought it was great", I said, "how the last half hour was so angry. It may not have been as funny as 'The Thick Of It', but it had much more energy".

Beep Beep Beep. "Oi, mate", I hear.

I continued prattling on. Vic fidgeted, bored of my critique, waiting for her brother.

"Oi", the voice persists. "Oi! Skinny jeans!"

I turn around. Sat in a small hatchback are four laughing black guys. One is leaning out of the window and pointing at me.

"Aaaaahhh!" he shouts. "Skinny jeans, mate. Naaaaa..." He shakes his head. They all laugh.

Apparently my choice of trousers opens me up to a certain amount of ridicule.


Anonymous said...

they were right to mock you..

Jonathan said...

I know.

annsaphone said...

I SO told you about that last time I saw you! Having said that your skinny jeans are not that skinny :)