Wednesday, April 29, 2009

book people

Some amazing quotes in tonight's episode of the Apprentice. The young bucks are stood in a Charing Cross Road book shop while a pair of studious booksellers carefully examine some literature they've been given to sell. Quietly, diligently, they set about making a valuation. They take their time, because they are methodical people. The Apprentices are outraged at this abuse of their time.

"We can't take any more shit from them" Ben cries.

His colleague agrees. "You know what they're like, though", she replies. "They're book people, they want to waste your time".

He nods, crossly. "I'm fed up with these book people talking shit to me for too long".

Moment of realisation. That's me, isn't it?


Siobhan said...

If they came into the library and did that I'D THROW THEM OUT! Also, my local was on the show!!! It was the pub where they sold the skeleton to that man! x

Jonathan said...

I'd love to see you flying in fury at Ben as he disparaged librarians. I would have liked that skellington.