Sunday, April 12, 2009

amid the noise

I seem to have oriented my visit to New York around the Hudson River - it's been my most consistent and regular landmark, a kind of distant light that always let's me know where I am. This isn't a spiritual observation. Most evenings I've been in the West Village, or Chelsea, and on each occasion the sun has set magnificently over the nearby river, drawing me closer on my wanderings. Tonight I'm sat outside The Kitchen, an arts space on W 19th St, and the sun is throbbing over to my left. I'm waiting for a show by So Percussion and Matmos, which promises a showcase of "the range of colors and expressive possibilities of percussion, from subtle, quiet gestures to raucous, no-holds-barred explosions of sound". The literature makes sure to point out that Matmos craft sound from "amplified crayfish nerve tissue", which sounds like a warning of sorts...

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