Thursday, June 12, 2008

the peculiar david davis

Just reading about David Davis's bizarre decision to resign as an MP and fight a by-election on an anti-42-days platform. I can't think of a single reason why doing it makes sense, considering it'll cost heaps of the taxpayer's money, no serious party will stand against him, and it'll just turn into a circus with the BNP and UKIP chasing him around Haltemprice. The Tory party leadership is likely to be utterly perplexed. I suspect it's about ego, and nothing else.



morgan said...

You do puzzle me sometimes, Jonathan. After your enthusiastic support of Claire Short's party resignation on what was (is) undoubtedly an important issue, David Davies seems to be following an understandable path on an equally vital issue - an issue with the potential for much more direct effect on you and I. To dismiss the latter as an ego trip and be supportive of the former seems only to reveal you partisanship rather than an understanding of what Davies stated aim is.

Let us also remember that, as Davies has said, 42-day detention is not the only cause of his resignation simply the final straw in a steady erosion of liberty in the name of the prevention of terrorism. As to whether this is an ego trip or a principled stand, well we will ever know for sure - but I for one am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. At the very least, the by-election will be a way of judging public feeling on the issue. It will be interested to see how Davies fairs - specifically if he mangers to substantially increase his current majority.

Apolitical said...

Is that really Morgan!?

A good and considered defence of the former Shadow Home Sec Morgan but after much consideration (well a few minutes) it is clear he has made quite a weirdly comical howler.

Stephen Newton said...

Except that neither UKIP nor the BNP will stand either.

What comentator Morgan fails to grasp is that this is no reasonable judge of public opinion. If a Labour MP resigned a safe seat and won it back, that would say nothing about the Tories chances at the next general election.

Now Kelvin Mackenzie will attack Davis from the right with a well organised vicious and populist campaign. He could well win and that will seriously damage the cause Davis apparently supports.