Thursday, June 26, 2008

more on peggy sue

You may well have noticed lots of praise for the ace Peggy Sue - who have lost their 'And The Pirates' suffix in recent days - on Assistant Blog in the last month or so, so thought I'd flag up the fact that they've announced a new single, and celebrate the fact that the double 7" pack is a collaborative effort, with songs performed with the also-ace Left With Pictures, who were one of my favourite acts at last year's End of the Road festival.

The single, attributed to Peggy Sue and The Pictures (all these name changes!) will be comprised of 4 tracks, including the wonderful 'Spare Parts' and 'Escargot', both of which are delightful in the Peggy Sue set and things of bare, trembling beauty, so it will be incredibly interesting to hear them rearranged as full songs. I'm actually really excited, as when I reviewed Left With Pictures last year I picked out their precise arrangements for praise and pretentiously heralded them as "wistful, diaphenous and enchanting", which sounds rather jolly, I know.

The single will be called 'Spare Parts' and it's out on August 4th, aaaages away. It's got a lovely cover, too, look:
Meanwhile, for a bit of context, here's what Rosa Rex said about the sessions leading up to the single, over on the Peggy Sue Myspace blog:

Me and katy have been pretty busy of late. We're doing practices every weekend with Left With Pictures which is going really well. it's fun to be able to have loads of different instruments in our songs and they're really talented. Rob has perfect pitch and they all work as human tuners which is good since our tuner still doesn't really like to work. I thought for a while maybe it was just us, but I've even read the booklet now. I guess it's temperamentality gives Sir Pablo character. Anyway they can tell us all the chords we're playing which is pretty amazing. My descriptions go along the line of 'and then you just play this string with that one on the fret that's about here' and one of them will tell me I'm playing A sharp half diminished and I feel a glow of undeserved cleverness. it's wonderful.

You can preorder the single here.


Dan said...

I wonder if "trembling beauty" is the new 'Achingly beautiful'?

jonathan said...

Truly it is the new cliche of our times.