Sunday, June 01, 2008

more ukulele pop

More details on this song to follow; but here's a new one for you to try. This song was written over the last few weeks in a rare combination of locations: Lisbon, Somerset and the train from Bristol to Brighton last week. Once again, it's ukulele driven - I might as well just sell my guitar.

Assistant - Standards (demo) [2.13 mins, 3.5mb]


Dan said...

I really like this..

Is an Assistant album based around the Ukulele on the cards?

Think you should post the video of you playing thats on YouTube ;)

jonathan said...

Thanks Dan, glad you like it! I think I probably have got enough songs to be putting together for an album type thing, yeah, or at least I will at the current pace of writing. Not sure it should really be an 'Assistant' album though, with only me contributing.

Ok, will post that vid in a bit...