Tuesday, June 24, 2008

going fishing

In Brighton - as in a lot of other cities, I'm sure - it's quite common to turn a street corner and see, perched on a garden wall or outside someone's gate, a box of possessions which are up for grabs. They're usually books, sometimes CDs, occasionally unwanted gifts. Larger items occasionally appear; microwaves, book shelves, chairs. I usually stop and have a look. A while back I grabbed an 'Indie Top 20' VHS from a box on St. Michael's Place. Recently Vic nabbed me a paperback copy of 'Him With His Foot In His Mouth and other stories' by Saul Bellow from a cardboard box on Compton avenue (which was much appreciated).

Last night me and my girlfriend went for a walk, idle in the summer sun, hoping we might find a pub and some cats to make friends with on the way (we did - The Chimney House, and a cat-caucus near Seven Dials, three podgy animals sat in conference, enjoying the weather). On the way I spotted a box of abandoned items and suddenly bent over, leafing through a box of abandoned items - mostly magazines.

"What on earth are you doing?", my girlfriend asked.

I looked up at her, puzzled.

"Just seeing if there's anything worth taking", I replied, squinting up at her.

She looked at me with mild disgust.

"In someone's recycling?"

I looked at the box, which had the Brighton and Hove council logo on its side; straightened my back; said nothing; and walked on.

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the tea drinking english rose said...

hahaha! that is so funny!!

and cute that there are boxes lying around with cool stuff in!
i've very glad i introduced you to soko! her music is very cute and sweet sounding.

peggy sue are cool... even better live.