Monday, January 07, 2008

Soul Jazz / Kompact stuff

This post is an aide-mémoire as much as anything else but it may be of interest to others too; I've spent a lot of the last week listening to Singles 2006-2007, Soul Jazz's recent 3-CD round up of the last year's 12"s, which features some really storming stuff, ranging from Detroit techno to dubstep, microhouse and baile-funk. And by far my favourite songs so far are the two efforts from Matias Aguayo, who is usually associated more with Kompact than with Soul-Jazz. But the cuts from his recent A Night At The Tilehouse are tremendous - deep, complex, moving house music, and come very highly recommended.

Googling his name to find out a little more about him, I discovered this, which I'll download later and suggest you download right now - a thirty seven minute set of, apparently, "brooding techno" posted on the fabulous Allez-Allez blog. Not heard it yet, but I have high hopes. There's a Ewan Pearson mix up there that looks awesome too...

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