Wednesday, January 02, 2008

developments in qatar

Before Christmas I contributed a post to the excellent Hii Dunia blog, which is one a few blogs I read which has a global rather than Western-oriented focus. My article covered the intriguing Gulf state of Qatar, and attempted to give recognition to a nation which, while being far from perfect, is making strides forward and offers hope to a part of the world currently mired in trauma. One of the leaders giving hope to the country is Sheikha Mozah, an open minded, intellectual woman at the forefront of this fast-developing society. From education to women's rights her influence is real. Yet she says:

"The physical landscape has changed but the real difference is in people's minds, in their style of thinking. Pride and confidence allow them to be open to the rest of the world without hesitation. Now they feel they are part of this process [of change], and they feel responsibility. If you want to achieve a prosperous society, you need that. And I like to think we have achieved that."
I hope her influence continues, and that the country's progress does not go unnoticed by the West. Click here to read the complete article. Any thoughts or comments most welcome.

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Anonymous said...

This is Rania Al Abdullah, Queen of Jordan on this photo! This is not Sheikha Mozah!