Wednesday, June 29, 2005

podcast query

I've had a couple of emails and a comment asking about the origins of the Steve Malkmus live track on the last Assistant podcast - a bit of info, then.

Stephen played two gigs in Seattle over the course of one day on the 24th May 2005 - the first, a radio broadcast for Seattle's KEXP Radio, took the form of four stripped down songs and a short, mildly sycophantic interview, and the second, from which the live version of 'It Kills' was taken, was a similarly back-to-basics live performance instore at the same city's Sonic Boom Records. You can download both concerts (legally!) via Bittorrent and Acid Casualties, as well as a load of other SM stuff which I've mentioned at length before.

Here's another link to the podcast in case you missed it.

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