Friday, June 10, 2005

Call the huskies and collide into their fur

Okay, this is my last SM post for a while - but I've got lots of shiny Malkmus presents to dispense before I stop. Lots of good links, anyway.

The always reliable Fluxblog is first out of the traps, with a brief review of SM and the Jicks's performance at Irving Plaza and two live tracks available for download; 'Grace' and a stripped down version of 'Carl The Clod' (neither of which SM has released proper recordings of yet). There are more versions of the same tracks over at Acid Casualties, including a storming full band version of the latter, along with live versions of most of the tracks from SM's excellent Face The Truth album. There's a whole bunch of bit-torrents there too, excellent. You have to register but it's easy. There's more stuff over at Lukas's Jicks site too, more probably.

Meanwhile, over on his official website, Stephen may not be blogging as such, but his update board provides plenty of delights - a lot of stuff about Bush and the War, thoughts from the road and as many record and book recommendations as you could want for the summer. He's enthusiastic about PG Wodehouse, Muriel Spark, Middlemarch and Iris Murdoch. More literate pop stars please. And don't worry, he's still doing the cut up, fucked up writing stuff.

"for you today who visit the site
shred trends
youll never know --
you feel it, you do it
theres no gain inmind
nike doesnt want you to know $$$$$$
wideman kennedy doesnt want y9ou to know$$$$

SEE THROUGH IT Kant style be smart avoid the stash
and once and for all fuck the tiny awt syndicate with a sour stick. so weak it makes me want to be a jock"

Um, right. Don't worry, it's not all like that.

Read his diary updates here.

And the last bit of SM news: he's playing The Concorde in Brighton on the 28th October. Shepherd's Bush Empire the night before for yoo London kids.

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