Friday, June 17, 2005

lots of links and links and links

Bit of a links-splurge from me tonight, hope you can extract something worthwhile:

The Culture Vulture is the Guardian's new arts blog. Is there anything the Guardian does not have a blog about????

Note to self: get round to registering for the Summer Burn this year... a must. They say...

  1. Signup with your address details using the form below (don't worry, we're not some nasty spamming site and we won't do anything other than use them for this)
  2. Burn 2 CDs of your favourite summer tunes.
  3. On the first day of Summer you'll get an e-mail from us telling you who you should send 2 CDs to.
  4. Post them off to the addresses you receive from us you have within a week of receiving the e-mail
  5. Sit back and relax, and wait for yours to come through the post from the people that have been selected to send you one!
  6. ... and thats it! You get 2 new CDs full of music to while away the summer heat to. Great innit?
What could be more simple, and what could be more fun. I'm gonna do it this year.

Elsewhere, Dirk is blogging again, yay. Here's her latest post. And she says,

"If you've given up on me...

I completely understand. In my attempt to forge a stronger bond with my immediate world I have negelcted to explain my life in excruciating detail."

Sorry, you don't give up on someone when you've subscribed to their RSS feed. You just get a pleasant surprise once in a while.

Two great links via Submit Response:
1. Guanoboy has started scanning and archiving old copies of the wonderful Nation of Ulysses fanzine, which is fantastic. I never saw this at the time, but I used to obsess over the N.O.U articles in Ablaze and other fanzines in the early nineties. And I still get shivers down my spine when I hear 'Plays Pretty for Baby'.

2. This Russian kid mixes with a turntable made of tape decks. Fantastic. Samples available to download, but be warned, the author points out that....

"I apologize for curvature in the first mix - it because Donna Summer strongly groaned :-)"


The Bedsit Bomber blog is back, too, btw. More jokes, more poems, more songs please Andrew...

Lastly, I'm slow to get round to linking this, but as others have pointed out before me, Jonny B's magnificent protest song 'Don't Close The Post Office' is the most laugh-out loud funny, sophisticated thing on the web right now - imagine Mike Skinner crossed with John Shuttleworth. Absolutely spot-on. You can download it here.

Ok, that's enough linking - go find Big Blogger 2005 yourself, should be easy enough.

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