Friday, May 13, 2005

tyranny of choice

I've been meaning to link to Pete's excellent post on choice fatigue, feeling as I am the pressure of iPod click wheel syndrome (incessent song-surfing and thumb usage), and particularly as I'm finding it increasingly helpful just not turning the television on in the evenings (credit to Vic for pointing out how much more time one has without the telly slow burning in the corner). Pete writes:

"Seasoned web users figured out long ago that the only way to deal with the enormity of the web is to set it up so you don't have to be bothered. Either stick to your own niche or let others do the aggregating. Check your feeds and when you've read them all then that's it. Once the internet that you can be bothered with has run out, the other fifty-thousand billion pages might as well not exist. Keep everything in manageable packages the parameters of which you have specified otherwise your brain will explode and you'll never read anything."

I just read one paper these days, I just listen to one radio station. My iPod, granted, gives me the option of 7,468 songs in random sequence, but I'd not noticed before that now I've picked out maybe 20 blogs to read (and one aggregator) I don't even do that much web surfing any more. We got freeview the other week but it's hardly been used so far.

Anyway. I was going to post on that but I didn't, because I kept getting distracted, so perhaps I'm not that single-minded. And I just saw this - more4 - a new digital station that really looks quite good. I'm not quite willing to abandon choice quite yet, then.

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