Tuesday, May 10, 2005

i'm just a cross-hair

Now that the election is over it's good to see that we can get back to campaigning on the real issues. And accordingly, I urge you to sign the following petition:

"If you aware of the Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand, you may also be aware of their lead singer's late fringe. The fringe of Alexander Kapranos symbolised a great many things to his fans - freedom, truth, beauty, justice - and he also had to push it attractively out of his eyes in order to see. We liked that. However, it has come to our attention that the much beloved fringe of Mr Kapranos has been cruelly taken from his forehead, to be replaced with a haircut that enables him to see. We find this upsetting, shocking, infuriating and a variety of other words that end in "ing". We have decided that it is necessary to start up this petition, asking for Mr Kapranos to kindly grow his fringe back, so that freedom, truth, beauty, justice and hair-flipping are restored to mankind."

Add your name to the chorus here.

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