Friday, May 13, 2005

tories and money

Oliver Letwin, tory buffoon and the former Shadow Chancellor, asked, apparently, to be relieved of his duties because he wants "to return to his £300,000 a year job at the merchant bank NM Rothschild." And when Michael Howard talked to William Hague about a possible return to the shadow cabinet "Mr Hague is understood to have indicated that business commitments would make it difficult for him to take on such a high profile job."

What the fuck is this? How do Letwin's constituents feel about him operating as a merchant banker when he's supposed to be their elected representative?? And what happened to the politician's desire to do good by his country? Desire to make filthy great wodges of cash, more like. With the tories it's always just money, money, money.

Mind you, I do like the fact that their new Education secretary went to Eton. That'll stand him in good stead, then.


Mark Holland said...

Instead of clambering aboard your high horse you might want to try and discover why, even though he was first elected an MP during the reign of Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill didn't get around to taking his oath until King Edward VII was on the throne. Just maybe that was a better arangement then than they have today?

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