Tuesday, May 17, 2005

rubbish documentary

I'm watching the C4 documentary on Pete Doherty by Max Carlish - what a lot of ridiculous, sycophantic bullshit. There was a great bit just now where the voiceover described chaos ensuing because of one of Doherty's song's 'incendiary chorus'. Cue a clip of Doherty and forty Nathan Barleys singing 'la la la la la' over and over. Ha ha. I'm off to bed.


Mark Holland said...

I don't normally chuckle out load for a good ten seconds when blog reading, but "forty Nathan Barleys" set me off good and proper. Nice one.

Dan said...

I had read a fair bit about this supposed Documentary and Max Carlish. It was rubbish the guys a mess (both Pete and Max) and I was annoyed at Carlish's stupid attempts to be cool and getting under the skin of the group. If he had'nt of hero worshiped Doherty all the friggin' time he prob would have done better. The whole thing was a shambles and still is. I'm bored with this cult in a world that wants to ask all the questions of the next Ian Curtis or Kurt Cobain just before the implosion of their worlds. The endless teenage angst, ending in death. Pah. The guy deserved his black eye simply for the amount of times he said 'dude'.

jonathan said...

Yup, the hero worship from Carlish was just bizarre and embarrasing - but the behaviour of the (ahem) 'kids' was equally weird: "you're a legend, Pete", etc.

In the Guardian today Sam Wallaston points out that Carlish:

"clearly may have mental-health problems. He admits to being bipolar, and there were a couple of scenes - his manic dancing to Electric Dreams while miming injecting drugs into his arm for example - that, if he was well, he may not have felt comfortable about putting on the telly. The whole thing felt a bit dirty."

I did kind of like the bit where he shouted "STOP THE MADNESS", though.

Andrew Brown said...

A documentary about a documentary that didn't get made; could you get any more Channel 4?