Friday, April 01, 2005

sad bastards

According to an article in the Independent today, titled Men consider lap dancing to be 'normal fun':

"Men view a trip to a lap-dancing club as a normal and acceptable form of entertainment and the industry is now so mainstream that many refuse to believe that the women who dance are being exploited, or that there is anything wrong in paying for their services."

I don't know anyone who considers going to a lap-dancing club normal. What the article goes on to reveal is that the survey is of men who already frequent lap-dancing clubs, rather than men in general. A bit misleading, then - it should really be titled "Men who pay money for lap dancing consider lap dancing to be 'normal fun".

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anne-sophie said...

It's funny you say that Jonathan, I just had this conversation with Sam the other day.

I never understood the concept - paying to get aroused in front of your mates and then go home??
As for prostitution, many men still like to think that women having these 'jobs' secretely enjoy it... which might be true in some cases but not in the majority.

Anyway, thank you for raising the subject! Most people think that you're a sad puritan winger when you raise the debate!