Monday, April 18, 2005

more photo doctoring / right to reply

A really interesting post over on Hove Labour, where the local election campaign is turning into a bit of a ding-dong. The latest development is summarised below:

"Tory candidate, Nicholas Boles has published a doctored photograph of the proposed site for the Frank Gehry designed building in order to stir controversy surrounding the development. Instead of using one of the publicly available design images issued by the developers, the Tory candidate chose to superimpose an image of unknown origin. This was clearly chosen to deceive the reader into thinking that a substandard design was being considered for the site."

To read more, and see the doctored pictures used in his election leaflet, click here.

And, in more (kind of related) politics stuff, take a look at Silent Words Speak Loudest, which features a week long debate on the election by a bunch of interesting bloggers, including Mike from Troubled Diva, Ben SWSL himself, JonnyB, and Phill from Danger! High Postage - oh, and me.

There'll be a post a day, starting with today's, on Campaigning.

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