Thursday, April 14, 2005

factcheck / electionwatch

A very interesting feature on the Channel 4 website today - a 'factcheck' look at the Labour manifesto:

"Crime has fallen by 30 per cent overall, with almost five million fewer crimes a year than in 1997" Labour Party Manifesto, April 2005

It depends which statistics you believe. The claim is true according to the British Crime Survey, but not according to Recorded Crime Statistics. And it's the latter set of statistics that Labour uses to criticise the Tory record in the same manifesto document.

Elsewhere, the Liberal Democrats have just launched their manifesto. Not had a chance to look at it yet, but you can do so here. And according to this article in the Guardian today, "Mr Howard's hardline stance on asylum and immigration is putting off more voters than it is attracting. The Conservative lead on the issue has fallen from 13 points to 10 over the last week."

Finally, Blair says he's seeing out a full third term, but I don't believe it. You know something's up when you read about a 'relaxed' Gordon Brown in the PM's company.

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