Thursday, April 21, 2005

blair on tv last night

I watched Tony Blair being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman on TV last night - I thought Blair seemed a little more defensive than I would expect him to be at this stage of a campaign which is broadly going well, and up against a Paxman who asked tough questions but held back from offering up a mauling. Tested on David Kelly and asylum seekers the PM faltered where I thought he might seem more convincing, but he generally equipped himself OK - although the feeling lingers that, believing himself a 'pretty straight kinda guy', he still feels slightly indignant that people persist in questioning his trustworthiness.

The only bit that really interested me, actually, was the sign off, where the credits rolled and Paxman - who had actually been quite chummy with Blair - began to talk to the PM in the standard end-of-show credits manner. But just for a second Blair looked completely disengaged, staring at the middle distance with a nervous look upon his face, as if he couldn't hear Paxman.

Blair is often talked about as being the person in the Labour project most insistent that the Tories continue to offer an electoral threat. Was that was he was thinking? Or was he just exhausted?

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