Wednesday, January 06, 2010

snow day redux

Still more snow in the UK and, after a quiet day yesterday, Brighton is finally getting its share; we had a dusting last night which was swiftly diluted by the rain, but this morning the snow is falling thick and fast and settling sloppily on the roads. I find watching the snowdrops from my high window utterly transfixing.

Went out for a quick trot around the park earlier, glad that I chose to invest in a pair of proper waterproof boots, and took a couple of photos. Now I'm back at my desk sorting through work chores and waiting anxiously for the moment when I feel I've done enough to allow myself the reward of dashing out to build a snowman.


Anonymous said...

Is this an iPhone pic?

Jonathan said...

Nope, it's from my digital camera.

Claire said...

Lovely photo! Did you edit in any way?

and your cat-chasing comment was adorable :)

Jonathan said...

Just a fairly ugly digital photo which I messed round with in iPhoto. Can't really recall what I did, to be honest - played with saturation and sharpness mostly I think. Has come out well.