Monday, January 18, 2010


Loping carefully down snow-covered pavements; watching My Sad Captains play a set of melodic, fine tuned indie rock; playing with my friend Claire's cat; watching the trains negotiate through the bad weather; Curly Hair live at the Freebutt, everything perfumed with Xmas; constructing stop animations from the window at work; watching adults and children throw snowballs; gasping at the lovely, sonorous sound of Foxes! live; admiring cat-leaps on Boxing Day; talking shit at parties; lunch with my friends; housebound in Brighton; surrounded by my favourite people; watching the new year land.

This was my December.

Thanks to Claire for the idea!


Claire said...

Oh I liked this a lot. Did you get strange looks when you whipped the camera out at parties? Sometimes I do, and sometimes I am feeling shy so keep it hidden. and sometimes I forget.

Jonathan said...

I'm not shy, but my friends often are, so I have to be selective. Often I just give my camera to someone else to do with it as they will, which is why there is often video of me talking shit, or looking ill, stored within.