Friday, January 08, 2010

jonathan ross and mark kermode

Do I care that Jonathan Ross is leaving the BBC? Well, of course not, given that I hardly ever watched or listened to his programmes, but I mind a little in the sense that the baying, myopic tabloids which made such a prolonged and nauseous protest against him have been handed their victory.

I actually think that Ross is a very talented and likable presenter - although by no means flawless - and he has been treated very shabbily by the BBC over the last couple of years. He should have walked when they made him pre-record his radio show.

Either way, his parting does create one point of interest - and that is whether the BBC will appoint the one obvious, deeply intelligent, stand-out candidate to replace him on Film 2010 or, well, or someone that isn't Mark Kermode. He would be a fabulous appointment - he's already responsible for one of the best podcasts, if not the the best, that the BBC make, and would, I suspect, immediately transform BBC1's flagship film programme from something I never watch, to one of the best programmes on TV. I hope they do it.


Chris Regan said...

I'm with you, I quite like Jonathan Ross but Kermode would be an awesome for Film 2010.

Anonymous said...

a random question... completely unrelated to this post.

Do you originate from High Barnet?
And is your surname Shipley?

Apologies for the rather stalker-ish questions...but if the answer is yes to the above.

I may know you!

that's all.

Jonathan said...

Yup 'n yup.