Thursday, October 30, 2008

no brand awareness

Obviously this whole furore about Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross is unbelievably overblown, and the news that the head of Radio 2 has now had to resign is just utterly ridiculous. The comments were in bad taste and an apology should have sufficed, and would have had it not been for the tabloid press and the large percentage of the 30,000 people who complained despite not even listening to the show. The eagerness of public figures to damn the two presenters is yet further evidence of Chris Morris's 'Brass Eye' thesis; that celebrities and politicians are only too happy to speak up over issues of which they have zero knowledge. Gordon Brown's latest comments demonstrate this ably; they are utterly fatuous. He said:

"I simply wanted to express the views of the general public that this was inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour on the part of leading personalities to whom many people look to as role models. I leave it at that."

To whom many people look to as role models!!?! What the fuck is he talking about? Brand and Ross aren't role models, they are comedians. This whole debacle has been massively disappointing.


:: Wendy :: said...

I called all my ex-boyfirends parents answermachines and left messages confirming that I had indeed had sexual relationships with their sons. Most of them returned the calls with comisseration notices and to check that I had sufficient cash to cover the therapy required to recover. Luckily I haven't had to resign from my job but the parents did seem genuinely distrubed to have thier suspcions confirmed. I sincerely regret my actions, and making the phone calls

Anonymous said...

I think this incident has been seen as a step too far by many people. While it may be a storm in a tea-cup - although undeniably an error of judgement from the editorial team - it is an example of a more aggressive form of comedy where jokes are made at the expense of a third party. No real care is given for the effect on the third party and some audiences are likely to dismiss it as a harmless prank. It may be over symplistic but it strikes me that this is an act of selfishness by the comedian(s) and a lack of empathy by the audience.