Saturday, September 20, 2008

fox on parenting

I check out of my apartment today, so I should really be jumping up and packing so that I can get out early and spend as much time in NY as possible, but actually I'm lying in bed watching Fox News; a channel which has provoked much horror and fury over the week, but right now just laughter, as they had some idiot on just now promoting his new book, called 'How To Raise a Happy Child'.

Here's the first question he was asked. "So, how would you react if you're child came to you and said, Daddy, I'm bored?"

I take a look at the guy. He looks like a lawyer, not a father. He thinks about it for a moment. I look in vain for a glimpse of human kindness in his eyes. He replies.

"I'd say, son, it's time to take responsibility for your life".

Thanks, Dad, that'll work.

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