Friday, September 19, 2008

eat the rich

Really enjoying Tibor Fischer's excellent 'Good To Be God' at the moment which, apart from having a great plot, is full of wonderful, bleak one-liners and moments of throwaway, on-point philosophy. "This might be extremely superficial", his protagonist speculates at one point, "But the extremely superficial, like a tissue, can often get the job done."

The book is dark, funny and a bible for the ill-of-luck; brilliant stuff. When I've finished it I may come back to it here, so apologies if you read all of this again in days to come.

Here's the last paragraph I read before I wrote this; which I love.

"The rich who've made themselves rich I dislike because they,typically, think it's something to do with them. It's like the guy with the winning lottery ticket thinking he controls the lottery".

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Robson said...

Is that what you actually believe?