Thursday, September 04, 2008


I'm just about to leave Spain and return home, and I'm just sat contemplating whether there's a word for the strange mixture of shock, elation and hysteria one feels when waking at a work conference, knowing that there are tasks to complete despite the fact that one was up drinking 'til half past four.

I've decided the word is something like 'still drunk'.


Rowan Stanfield said...

Oh how I remember those conferences! The last one I went to was in Portugal I think, and actually put me off ever drinking at a work function ever again.

jonathan said...

Oddly, I remember the Lisbon conference vividly - I think for once I must have moderated my behaviour somewhat, and spent most of my time trying to get other people out of trouble, rather than causing it myself.

Back now. Hmm, Brighton may be wonderful, but it's fucking grim for weather these days, isn't it?