Wednesday, December 05, 2007

spiritualised and the futureheads

I'm just about to go and get dinner, and too hungry to wait for a couple of downloads to finish in order to hear the following tracks, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to recommend them once I've got back and can listen to them with a full stomach. Both courtesy of the awesome Bradley's Almanac - both got to be worth a listen.

First up, if you click here, you'll find that Brad has uploaded an entire and very appealing looking acoustic Spiritualised gig. I'm sure - from his endorsement - that the whole set is good, but the particular jewel that caught my eye was a cover of Daniel Johnston's marvellous 'True Love Will Find You In The End'. No direct linking here, or you might not visit his site - but go and collect.

Secondly, click here and you'll be whizzed back over to Brad's site, where he is hosting a new Futureheads song - you need to scroll down a bit to find it. He says "it's a rocker, with no dramatic shifts in style, and still ace. It's got the stop/starts, the harmonies, the punch". So I think I'll like it, and you may too.

If you don't visit Bradley's Almanac regularly, do.


Anonymous said...

grr... Spiritualized are British. They are therefore known as Spiritualized, with a 'Z'. Looks better anyhow.

jonathan said...

Well, I realise I spelt it wrong above, but I shan't admit that the UK spelling is a Z rather than an S. It's the other way round. They 'ize' their words, we 'ise' them. We are right. Spiritualized are wrong.