Wednesday, December 19, 2007

cash machine

I had to get some cash out last night and stood, bloody cold, outside the Co-op in Seven Dials waiting for my turn at the cash machine. In front of me stood a kid, perhaps twenty years old, who was pulling hard on a cigarette and kept glancing back towards me as he used the machine. I rocked back bored on my heels and tried to take my mind off the cold by concentrating on the music on my iPod. Then I noticed him saying something to me.

"Sorry mate?", I said, removing my headphones.

He looked at me crossly. "I said do you wanna stand any closer?" he hissed.

I looked at him, suddenly aware that he had a shaven head, clenched fists and a tough, angry little face. He could quiet easily, of course, have beaten me up, and I wondered for a moment if that was a possibility. I opened my mouth to apologise for looking over his shoulder, despite the fact that I hadn't been.

And then I laughed at him in a really condescending manner.

"I don't wanna know your PIN number, mate", I said, still laughing. He glared at me and called me a tosser. And oddly, I just chuckled and returned to my iPod. He narrowed his eyes at me, and walked off.

I say this only because I don't normally have a reputation for facing down trouble. Ooh.


Dan said...

I like the idea of you as a potential thief..

That machine is a pain, when rarely it has cash it takes an age for it to come out of the machine.

I had quite a differnet experience the other day with it. Because it was taking so long the guy in front apologised, "not at all I said" and we struck up a conversation.

antsy pants said...

do you think you would have been as bold had the confrontation happened in london? hippies and indie kids have more power in brighton. the guy knew that if he had stepped out of line, whithin seconds he would have been swarmed by unshaven indie boys and girls with thick rimmed specs swinging their record bags / retro school satchels at him.

Anonymous said...

only in camden. In Kensington the indie kids get spat at.