Monday, November 27, 2006

pub games

I'm afraid I can't remember the name of the game, but each week when we finish a fun and fairly drink-sodden pub quiz at The George, we pass around several pieces of paper and a bunch of biros and begin playing a drawing game. The rules are that each person writes a sentence and passes the paper to the next person, who draws what they see. They then fold over the paper so that the original caption is not visible and the next person along writes down what they see. Then, in turn, the next person draws the caption, and so on...

The following sequence, appropriately given that Dan didn't have any cash him on last night, started with the following sentence. You can follow the evolution through.

"Dan drank pint after pint and jonathan paid for it all, and felt cheated".

From that, the next person in the line extrapolated the following:

"Dan is getting pissed on Jonathan's money and Jonathan doesn't like it".

Pictorially represented as...


"Dan continuously drinks beer Jonathan has bought for him without acknowledging the pain this causes".

And finally:

"Jonathan dares Dan to just keep drinking as usual".

We rarely get to the end of the sequence without hideously distoring the meaning, so we were pretty proud of that. And the story has a happy ending, too, as Dan is a decent sort and bought me lunch today.

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