Thursday, November 30, 2006

banana costume

Apologies for the appalling dive in intellectual standards on this blog recently, but here's another daft link, via Matthew at Fluxblog, who points out the following, currently on sale at Amazon. Which one of my friends should I get one for Christmas?


Anonymous said...

This Blog has really gone downhill recently..

I'm reminded of the scene from Blackadder the Third when Blackadder is looking for a rich bride for the Prince Regent in the Times to help pay off the Prince's debts...

Blackadder: Now let's see, society pages. You see, it needn't necessarily be a princess. All the Prince wants is someone pretty and

Baldrick: Oh dear, that rules me out then.

Blackadder: Now, let me see. "Beau Brummel in purple pants probe." "King talks to tree. Phew what a loony!" God, the Times has really gone downhill recently hasn't it! Aha. Listen to this, listen to this: "Mysterious
Northern beauty, Miss Amy Hardwood, comes to London and spends flipping great wadges of cash!" That's our baby!

jonathan said...

I know - that's what I get for outsourcing posts: Ben Elton wrote that one.

Speaking of which, can't remember whether we talked about this or not - did you see this in the Guardian earlier in the week? Hilarious!

Ben.H said...

So, do you have to be naked underneath that banana suit, or are pants allowed?

Anonymous said...

What upsets me the most about the banana costume is that it only comes in certain sizes. For the female banana, you must be a size 10-12 to be able to fit in.

I'm not sure if this is because seeing fat bananas would be even more offensive, or if it's because there are no holes in the costume for breasts- which lets face it, grow when you get fatter.

Either way, put me down for one J.

I fancy rolling down a hill on my side wearing it.

Chloe Anderson said...

since that banana costume is on sale, why not give everybody each? hahaha