Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Coldcut cloned

"Coldcut's a reasonably good vehicle," Jonathan More speculates in today's nice interview with the still-going and probably still-fantastic Coldcut boys. "I might pop out for the odd walk about from time to time, explore the lay-bys, but I don't need to get another vehicle."

The weird thing about the evolutions from vinyl to tape to CD to MP3 is the albums that get lost along the way. So I read the Coldcut interview and suddenly thought "I haven't heard Journeys By DJ" in years. Why, where did it go? Did I scratch the record, lend out the CD? I have to think for a minute, and then can suddenly see it in a scratched plastic box, a cassette that I haven't played for probably five years. Where is it? Back home there are about fifteen cassettes in a shoe box which is still sealed with parcel tape from a flat move several years old. It could be in there. If not it's probably packed in a box in my parent's loft.

I'll have to check when I get home. Read the Coldcut interview here.

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