Tuesday, January 10, 2006

bbc chimp week

I'm trying desperately hard to watch BBC1's 'Chimp Week' at the moment, but it's just impossible; it features the most irritating, patronising voice-over I've ever heard. It's not that I mind the attempt to force a narrative onto scenes as fascinating and self-explanatory as those presented, nor even the film-maker's insistence on giving the chimpanzees cutesy names like Frodo. It's the totally infantile tone taken by the narrator, emphasising every fourth word as if the audience is four years old. If they want to attract pre-teens they should screen it once at five o'clock and once again at eight, with an adult voiceover. It's a terrible waste of a lot of really good footage. I tried watching it with the sound off but you need to hear the chimps. Ah well.

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