Friday, January 27, 2006

bog off boris, you top-up tory

MPs have been behaving terrifically unpredictably recently; revealing secretive gay pasts, engaging prostitutes, admitting to being alcoholics. Okay. Maybe none of that is really that surprising. But there have been a few more surprising occurances - David 'Dave' Cameron's swing to the left, George Galloway swinging into the Big Brother house...

So it's good to see an MP generating all the usual news stories. No surprises from Boris Johnson, who visited Edinburgh University yesterday and declared that - in line with the new Tory policy of retaining tuition fees - it was "high time" that students just got used to the idea. At which point:

"Chants of "Bog off Boris, you top-up Tory" were heard by members of the Edinburgh University Students' Association ...[and] ... things took a turn for the worse when members of the university's Young Socialist group arrived after a local party meeting and began throwing drinks at the MP and jeering."

Irritatingly - and predictably - Boris took it in good cheer. Still - a wonderful chant, if nothing else.

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