Wednesday, August 10, 2005

things I've done since I became single...

Well, I've been staying in and watching DVDs. Crazy.

Or actually, more accurately, spending my time trawling through ebay and kelkoo looking for cheap DVD bargains, spotting good opportunities on ebay and then wandering absent-mindedly off at the crucial moment and missing the chance to make my devastating last minute bid. You can download sniper things can't you? That's way too complicated.

Anyway, one DVD I'm waiting to purchase is C4's Green Wing, which still hasn't appeared and which must surely be released before long, although there's no sign of it on Amazon's pre-release schedules. Although this site suggests mid-October or so.

Well, never mind, because the writers of the programme all seem to be very busy with a variety of projects, and there's always daily doses of James Henry's blog to keep me going - not least his brilliant Toy-Fu strip, which is fantastic stuff. In yesterday's entry James mentions that, with a Green Wing admiring executive appointed to BBC3, he's despatched his agent to the beeb with a script for (one of his several) mooted projects; a sitcom entitled Romey loves Jools - the outline of which follows...

"What if 'Romeo and Juliet' hadn't ended tragically? What if the whole 'oh no she's dead, I'll kill meself then, no she's not dead, too late, oh we're both dead' fiasco got sorted out properly and the young lovers had to cope with not just the dramatic fallout, but also the mundanity of being just another couple? In other words, shifting format from theatrical tragedy to televisual sitcom.

'Romey loves Jools' looks at that most underused comedy double act of all: the couple who love each other but have to cope with the spark of romance being nearly extinguished by the frustrations and inanities of everyday life. It is isn't a battle of the sexes, or a swearing competition, or a Shakespearean injoke-fest. All you have to know is that Romeo and Juliet were once the most famous lovers in the world, and now they have to sort out whose turn it is to do the washing-up."

No, I didn't think that was the greatest idea ever, either.

But if you take a look at an extract from the script....

Fantastic stuff!

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