Thursday, August 11, 2005

freddie kanoute to leave?

A remarkably mild-mannered post from Spurs striker Freddi Kanoute on his online diary (registration required, unfortunately), considering that - for reasons I can't quite fathom - his club are trying hard to offload him before the start of the season next week. Kanoute is not the most direct or consistent of strikers, but he has enormous qualities; his first touch, his ability to bring players into the game, and his unpredictability.

He made waves by declining to go on Tottenham's tour of Mauritious in pre-season, which was unfortunate, but he's played well ever since and, although Spurs now have 4 quality forwards, he's surely worth keeping, especially as Mido, our only other target man, has an even more tainted history of frustrating his colleagues and managers, and has yet to prove himself at White Hart Lane. Tottenham are, for the first time in many years, finally able to boast a squad which gives us options, and which is not crying out for a new player.

I understand that the club want to sign Jenas from Newcastle (who is over-rated but a still a decent signing), but sacrificing a good striker for a midfielder who won't walk into the team makes very little sense to me. And probably even less to Kanoute.

Yet Freddie writes,

"The truth is, I think that Tottenham are definitely willing to sell me. It's clear that they are prepared to let me go if they receive a good price. Last season I wouldn't have expected that to be the case because the coach praised my performances quite a lot, but in football you can never take anything for granted. You just never know what people are really thinking.

From my point of view, I won't be rushed into making a move. I don't want to leave in a hurry and end up having regrets, so I have a lot to think about. At the end of the day I will only choose to do something I want to do, and that means taking up a challenge that I will like. My attitude is clear. If I go, I go; if not, I'm more than happy to stay.

Nothing has changed as far my commitment to Spurs is concerned. I have a contract here that I would be more than pleased to honour. I am happy to stay here and fight for my place in the Spurs attack, even though I accept the situation regarding player rotation. I'm not unhappy."

I am. I hope he stays.


Nick said...

Freddie has to stay! If anyoen leaves it should be Robbie Keane. he's a trier but not enough goals

jonathan said...

I don't really see why we need to sell any strikers unless we have Dirk Kuit or someone similarly impressive lined up. If we need money for Jenas we should raise it by clearing out the midfield - Davis, Jackson, Mendes etc. Although I wouldn't want to sell Mendes unless we could get Jenas.

I think I might be alienating my core readership here.

Laura said...

It's a possibility. No idea what you're talking about :)

Ben said...

Well, I consider myself a member of your core readership and I'm glad to see some football-centred postage on Assistant!

You're right - JJ is perhaps overrated, but only because he's still not fulfilled his considerable potential. I'd hate to see him leave, and especially to a club arguably on the same "level" as us.

jonathan said...

I'd like to see him stay at Newcastle too, if only because I wish they'd pull themselves out of the doledrums. I don't know what you'll be left with if Jenas leaves, having already lost Bellamy and Robert.

The problem at Newcastle is that it feels like everyone needs to leave. It's impossible not to imagine the likes of Given, Dyer, Jenas and Ameobi doing better elsewhere, which is an awful position to be in. I don't think things will ever get better at Newcastle until Sheppard goes, to be honest.

That said, Spurs were in exactly the same position two years ago and things seemed to have turned around in the last year or so. You just need a few decent signings to freshen up the squad.

If you signed a bunch of young, cheapish players - the likes of Dean Ashton, Sean Davis, Nathan Ellington, Kris Commons, Anton Ferdinand, Kieran Richardson - you'd thoroughly refresh your team and get rid of the stale feeling around St James Park. I really don't think spending all your money on Anelka will solve your probs...

That said, I'm hopeless at fantasy football, so I should probably shut up...