Wednesday, August 10, 2005

magic numbers

There's an interesting post over on one of the Guardian's many blogs, I forget which (it's a little known fact that the Guardian's weblog system actually accounts for 35% of the blogosphere, the remaining 65% being evenly split between the pro-war left and kids on livejournal), about The Magic Number's non-appearence on Top of The Pops this week.

Richard Bacon, presenting the show, introduced them by making a rather tired and unfunny reference to their weight (they were, he alleged, put in a "fat melting pot of talent" during rehearsals), and they took offence and declined to play. Suprisingly, most people are quite hostile to their decision, accusing them of being over-sensitive rather than appreciating the innapropriateness of Bacon's comment. The general thesis appears to be 'oh, it wasn't that offensive', which surely misses the point that the comment was as offensive as the band found it - in this instance they were upset and disillusioned by the comment, and understandably decided not to proceed.

Equally, I suspect that most of the people who choose to laugh at the event rather than sympathise with the band think fat people are pretty ridiculous anyway - sadly a viewpoint that it's still considered acceptable to express (I know, because in my less funny moments I do it myself, and people tend to smile or laugh politely, rather than tell me I'm a twat). Incidentally, another reaction notable in the Guardian comments box is "ha ha, so Richard Bacon was mortified, yeah right". I wonder if I'm on another planet altogether because it strikes me that, on realising that he had caused serious offence to the band on their debut performance on TOTP, he probably was mortifed - I certainly would be. P'raps I'm naive.

Coming soon, Ferne Cotton introducing Oasis (whose new single I, erm, quite like - *the shame*) as 'thick northeners'.

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BB said...

I don't really know anything about the band, but Bacon's comment was pretty cretinous. Of course it was intended - why else would he say such a weird thing?

All the more publicity for them...