Thursday, May 27, 2004

some questions....

1. Why is that, even though I know very well that the clock on the outside of Brighton Station is at least three minutes fast, every single morning for the last three months, when I have got off my bus outside the station I have looked up at the clock and panicked? It's fast. I know it's fast. And yet every morning I forget. What is wrong with me?

2. Anyone else just feel really depressed at the incineration of all those works of art? It's just horrible. People tend to focus on the fact that Tracey Emin's tent has been lost but there's so much more that has been destroyed; the Chapmans' Hell (which was just magnificent), early Chris Ofilis, stuff by Sarah Lucas, Gary Hume, Patrick Caulfield, Paula Rego, 50 paintings by Patrick Heron (50!) - it's just tragic. The Daily Mail's suggestion that the art was 'just rubbish' deserves only contempt :-(

3. Anyone hugely cheered, despite it all, by Chris Ofili's response?

"The super hero Captain Shit has in-built protection against the flames of Babylon. He will return ... the saga continues."


(postscript; five minutes later.

Just read another quote; this time by Dinos Chapman. "It's only art - there are worse things happening around the world.")

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